My Approach

Each business is unique in its own right, however, there are a few simple steps that ensure overall visibility in search engines.  I call these the fundamental search pillars.

Your Web Site is at the core of these pillars.

  1. I evaluate your overall level of visibility at a local level (i.e. are you find-able by your local audience).
  2. I talk to you about what you want to be found for & who you would say is your "competition".
  3. I do an analysis of your site compared to technical best practices, content best practices, & local best practices.
  4. Then I do the same for a few of your competitors.
  5. I score these things based on the level of value & impact to your goal.
  6. We map out a plan on how to give you the most bang for your buck!
  7. We measure where we start and I help you learn how to measure your progress & performance.
  8. I teach you, your staff or whomever you like how to maintain & improve progress.
  10. You check in with me every now & again.  Read the tips and keep growing your business like a rock star!

My goal is to support you in developing your own process and managing growth in a way that sustains, not strains, your business.

Meet the Search Geek!

I'm just me.  I've been practicing SEO and developing acquisition focused digital growth strategies for a little over 10 years and I LOVE IT!  I'm a Chicago native.  Want more juicy details check me out on Linked In & learn my history.  And yes, I have a regular 9-5 job.  I help small businesses grow because it's my passion.  I help big business grow because I'm a performance junkie who loves a challenge.

Jori Ford

Owner & Consultant

10+ Years of focus on growth marketing leveraging connected multi-channel experiences across Media, Content, Data, Analytics and eCommerce.


  • SEO (Technical, On-Page, Local, International & Link Building)
  • SEM - Adwords & Bing Certified
  • Content Development & Marketing
  • A/B, Multivariate Testing
  • Remarketing
  • HTML 5, CSS 2.0/3.0
  • WordPress

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